US Relations

Security Cooperation

Security and nuclear non-proliferation is a cornerstone of the Kazakhstan - United States relations. Kazakhstan considers the U.S. one of its most important partners in regional and global security. Bilateral cooperation was affirmed by President Donald J. Trump and President Nursultan Nazarbayev at the White House in January 2018. The two leaders reaffirmed the independence, territorial integrity, and sovereignty of Kazakhstan, as well as its role in advancing global peace and prosperity.

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Nuclear Threat Reduction

Nuclear threat reduction is a cornerstone of US-Kazakhstan efforts to ensure regional stability. With a significant support from the US the country voluntarily destructed 1,300 nuclear... Read more

Peacekeeping Operations

Kazakhstan has assumed a critical leadership role in supporting US operations in fighting the common threats to security and stability in the region.

More recently, a fourth co... Read more

Steppe Eagle Exercises

Kazakhstan has made strides in fighting organized crime and terrorism. The country annually hosts Steppe Eagle joint counter-terrorism and peacekeeping exercises between Kazakh, US and... Read more