Domestic Policy

Business & Investment

Kazakhstan leads all Central Asian countries in FDI inflows - more than 70% of all the FDI into the region are directed into Kazakhstan. Hundreds of new projects jointly financed with... Read more


Kazakhstan is a constitutional republic and is a fledging democracy after a long period of being a republic of the former Soviet Union.  According to Kazakhstan’s constitution, Kazakhs... Read more


Kazakhstan has quickly become a regional economic powerhouse thanks to its macroeconomic stability, improved business environment, and vast energy and mineral resources.

The Ka... Read more


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Gender Equality

Kazakhstan strongly supports equal opportunities for women and considers gender equality not only a human right, but also an economic right. Women now contribute 40 percent of Kazakhst... Read more

Modernization Programs

Kazakhstan has prioritized the modernization and industrialization will be the implementation of major investment projects in the traditional export-oriented sectors of economy along w... Read more

Priority Sectors

Kazakhstan is deeply committed to diversifying its economy outside of the lucrative energy and mining sectors. There are numerous other sectors where the country shows high growth pote... Read more

Religious Freedom

Kazakhstan is a multi-confessional secular state that guarantees constitutional freedom of worship and religion to each of its 46 religious denominations. Kazakhstan has earned interna... Read more