Domestic Policy

Business & Investment

Kazakhstan leads all Central Asian countries in FDI inflows - more than 70% of all the FDI into the region are directed into Kazakhstan. About 70 new projects with large foreign investors, including U.S.-based businesses, have been implemented this year to enhance economic growth & development across Kazakhstan’s Priority Sectors.

Doing Business

The Government of Kazakhstan has made significant efforts to remove bureaucratic obstacles to investment and the creation of an attractive business environment, which has been consistently reflected in the last four editions of the World Bank’s... Read more

Investment Policy

Due to political and economic stability in Kazakhstan, the abundance of natural resources, as well as high annual economic growth over the past several years, foreign investors continue invest in Kazakhstan and view it as a favorable place to d... Read more

FDI Incentives

Invest in Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan’s Investment Code guarantees foreign firms equality between local and foreign investors, protection of investor’s rights, arbitration of disputes, guarantees against nationaliza... Read more


Fighting corruption is one of the priorities of Kazakhstan’s 100 Concrete Steps programme, the massive reform project intended to accelerate the country’s development. Kazakhstan has developed an effective legal and institutional platform to fa... Read more