Domestic Policy

Elections & Political Reforms

Since independence in 1991, Kazakhstan has consistently supported efforts to foster a democratic, free and representative society, as codified in the country’s constitution.

Free and fair elections are a fundamental principle of Kazakhstan’s contemporary government - a democratic presidential republic with a bicameral parliamentary legislature.

Kazakhstan is a young state that has had to shed an inherited Soviet system and mentality. Mechanisms for encouraging citizens’ participation in thge political processes are continually being improved and revised with feedback and recommendations from international partners, like the OSCE, UN, EU and the United States. The government recognizes the importance of fostering a competitive multi-party system that embraces opinion and dissent.

President Tokayev has embraced a progressive ‘listening’ state approach that provides the citizenry both the physical and political space to peacefully express their ideas and opinions.


Kazakhstan subscribes to the globally recognised standards and norms which govern the appropriate conduct of elections and continue to work with our international partners to ensure th... Read more

Institute of Parliamentary Opposition

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National Council of Public Trust

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Multi-party System

“Different Opinions – One Nation.”

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Party List Quotas

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Past Elections

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Peaceful Assembly

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Political Reforms

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