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Bolashak Scholarship

In 1993, Kazakhstan was the first Central Asian country to launch a presidential scholarship program, ‘Bolashak’, for international study. ‘Bolashak’, which means ‘future’ in Kazakh, speaks to the importance Kazakhstan puts on educating its youth at the best universities in the world. The Bolashak Programme is an all-expenses paid scholarship sponsored by awarded to high-performing students from Kazakhstan for graduate study at an overseas university. Upon completion of their graduate degree, Bolashak scholars are required to return to work in Kazakhstan for at least five years. The program is designed to train future leaders in business, international relations, law, science, engineering and other key fields.

Since its implementation in 1993, more than 6,500 students have been awarded the scholarship, with most choosing to study in the United States and Great Britain.They have successfully graduated from America’s leading universities including Harvard, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Columbia, Duke, Georgetown, Emory, Carnegie Mellon, Indiana University, Vanderbilt and many others.